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  • Manchester NHS Demo

    The march passes the Tory party conference

  • People’s March for the NHS

    Jarrow to London march is welcomed in Sheffield, with rallies at Weston Park, Town Hall and Hallamshire Hospital

  • June 20th demonstration

    250,000 attended the anti-austerity demonstration in London on June 20th 2015. 8 buses went from Sheffield, organised jointly by Sheffield People’s Assembly and Sheffield Trades Council

  • People’s Assembly National Conference

    Saturday December 5th 2015 London

  • March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education

    National Demonstration by People’s Assembly in London April 16th

  • Defend Council Housing

    The government’s Housing Bill aims at destroying council housing by forcing sell-offs to private landlords

  • Northern Powerhouse?

    What hope for a Northern Powerhouse as jobs are cut or moved to London?
    John McDonnell speaking at the rally

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