Welcome! Fancy a quick tour?

Hello and welcome to the first post on the shiny new website for the South Yorkshire People’s Assembly.

We have built this website in the hope that it will become a valuable resource for anyone and everyone working to oppose austerity in our region. If you have a quick click around you’ll be able to see the ways we’re trying to achieve this, but I’ll underline the thinking behind each section below.

Events Listings
One of the most pressing problems we have as a movement is knowing where and when everything is going on. There is a lot of anti-austerity action taking place across the region, but unless you’re on the right emailing list it’s not always possible to hear about things until it’s too late. With our listings page we aim to compile the very many activities into one resource and publish it for everyone to keep a check on. So if you’re looking for meetings to attend, forums in which to be heard, activities to support or activism to get involved with, or if you just want to know what’s going off around you, feel free to check here and get the low down.

Similarly, if you’re involved with the organising any of the above activities, please submit the details and we can promote them. We’ll constantly be on the lookout for upcoming events but we might not catch them all, so let us know.

Though we’re not a news organisation, if there are interesting things going on in our sector, either nationally or hyper-locally, we’d like to share that with the wider public. If there’s something going on that we think you’ll need to know, we’ll report it and do what we can to spread the word.

Group Blog
The People’s Assembly isn’t an exclusive organisation; if you turn up and get involved, you’re involved. Despite this openness, it is important that everyone involved remains acutely aware that they answer to the people they serve. It is for this reason that we will strive to publish frequent updates on what’s going off behind the scenes so they stay on track.

Guest Blog
Lots of people have lots of very interesting and very important things to say. Much of these points are simply shouted at the TV behind closed doors. We want to provide a public forum for such content, so our guest blog is a chance for people to have a voice.

The internet is full of brilliant organisations and valuable resources. We’ll be compiling them as we happen across them, and in time we want to open this up for submission.

Of course these are early days, and this is far from an exhaustive list. We’re going to be doing everything we can to provide the content that will make this a valuable resource for everyone involved with the fight against austerity across South Yorkshire. We hope you’ll follow us, support us, join in and get involved as we come together to take on this corrupt, short sighted, greedy regime.

The People’s Assembly is what we make it.


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