Minutes: Steering group meeting 12.11.13

We need to

  •  re-engage the wider membership base
  • decide / clarify expectations around what ‘we’ are / want from the People’s Assembly
  • re-connect to the national movement
  • get some organisational structure in place around key tasks
  • think about where and when we meet in future – current room can be hard for late comers to find us, 6pm doesn’t suit everyone, is it useful to meet every week etc.

Agreed to

  • Organise a monthly presence Saturday mid-day in town with stalls supporting key local issues and campaigns, raising the profile of our anti-austerity message, and connecting to people. Joe to lead on.
  • Organise a social event and / or fundraiser in December (or separately? Bit of party for folk in December and a fundraiser in January?)
  • Build for an AGM in the New Year – connect this with national People’s Assembly so we can discuss issues to feed into national discussions as well as agree ways forward for the South Yorkshire group, and elect some key officer roles etc to help us to organise things locally.
  • In the interim we agreed that Jane Leathley would act as treasurer and a small team (Sam, Dan, Laura and Matthew?) would take on a ‘secretariat’ role to cover chairing and note taking at meetings (rather than a single ‘chair’ person and secretary).
  • Comms group – steering group members will receive a log in to enable us to hold internal conversations to organise ourselves between meetings. A big thank you and well done to the group and to Stu in particular for the new website which looks great. We need members to post activities and blogs and tweet and things.

Future meetings
(6pm Owen Building)

  • 19.11.13 Will talk about the proposal for a ‘People’s Budget’ – campaign to promote alternatives to austerity and challenge Sheffield City Council to do the same.
  • 26.11.13 Matthew to organise a speaker from FBU.
  • 10.12.13 Sam to organise discussion around Unite Against Fascism.
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