Minutes: steering group meeting 03.12.12

Present: Carrie H, Stuart R, Joe F, Sam B (Chair), Les W, Bryan M, Margaret S, Alice C, Geoff T.

Apologies: Matthew R, Laura J, Laura P, Dan M, Apryl W.

Italics = agreed actions.

14th December Action

  • First of our monthly Info Points coincides with national PA day of action “How much is Christmas costing you?”.
  • Initiative to be led by Joe F. Three hours scheduled 11:30 – 2:30.
  • All members to invite as many organisations as possible to run stalls.
  • Our own stall needed. Very important. To be focal point of day.
  • Vague mentions of balloons and banners needed.
  • 14th to just be first of many, so to be treat as a research event. Assess how the day goes and build it from there.
  • With christmas season in full swing, plus other activities planned for sector on that day (SWP conference among them), concerns raised that 14th might not be most representative day for trial run.
  • Need to be far more proactive in contacting other organisations than we have been in past
  • List drawn up for who to contact who (not minuted).
  • Don’t be passive, phone calls better than emails.
  • Sign up sheet needed for people to join mailing list.
  • Aim of day not just to inform but to offer alternatives. People’s Charter to be focus of this. To be discussed further down agenda.
  • Street theatre group currently working behind scenes on new activity; keen on having opportunity to perform new work at information points when ready.

Zero Hours Campaign

  • Jack H leading project. Not present at meeting, no discussion possible.

People’s Charter

  • Outline of the idea. Supported by 20 unions, adopted as working practises by TUC.
  • Looking like it will be one of key documents presented at the next national PA meeting.
  • For now we only need to familiarise ourselves with it, for when it becomes more of focus nationally.
  • Provides good starting point for the demands we will be cementing in more detail next year.

Delegate for London PA, 7th Dec

  • Matt R shown prior interest, no objections, no alternatives offered. All voted in favour for Matt R to go.
  • Travel costs to be reimbursed by SYPA.


  • Current meetings too frequent.
  • Meetings survey still under way. Dan M to provide report on this when next present.


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