Minutes: steering group meeting 07.01.14

  • Feedback was given about the day of action in December on Fargate. It was agreed it was a positive day. It was discussed that the PA needs more of a presence there. A stall of its own? Some present thought this was not the right solution and suggested other ideas such as leaflets on other peoples stalls, PA umbrellas (Dan to price up). The next day on Fargate is Saturday Jan 18th – Joe to co ordinate.
  • Sam also fed back about the same day of action that he attended in North London where they asked passers by to write a message to David Cameron, they then photographed these messages and tweeted them to him. People at the meeting liked this idea and thought this could be something we could replicate in Sheffield.
  • The proposed constitution was discussed. This is to be voted on at the AGM on the 21st January. Generally people at the meeting liked it. There was discussion about Union membership and voting rights but this it to be discussed more and decided at the AGM.
  • Sam suggested themed meetings with a few speakers, to promote conversations about certain topics. Suggested ones included 1.) Defending the welfare state 2.) Alternatives to an economic recovery 3.) How cuts are affecting people (in particular minorities) Sam is going to enquire about speakers for the meeting Alternatives to an economic recovery.
  • Matt suggested having themed meetings on current issues and used the example of that week could have been used to discuss the new programme benefits street and the context around it.
  • Carrie told the meeting about a meeting she had been invited to on Wednesday 15th January 6 – 8pm about the Budget for Sheffield next year. Organisations are allowed to send 2 delegates, Carrie and Brian said they would go. However, it was highlighted that the PA is against austerity and therefore would be against any cuts. It was also agreed we would have people leafleting outside the event.
  • Carrie also discussed Peoples Parliament who have asked how the PA can support them/work with them. Dan said he would go to their event on 16th January at the town hall to discuss with them.
  • The demo on Wednesday 8th Jan against Library closures was discussed and some people said they could and would attend.
  • The United Reform Church have said we can have a room there on the first Saturday of every month between 1 and 2. There was some concern with the time clashing with SACA stall and events on Fargate.
  • Communication team to send an email to all on mailing list about the roles being proposed for the organising committee, how they put themselves forward and voting etc.
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