Minutes: Organising Committee 04/02/2014

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

Present: Carrie H, Stuart R, Sam B (Chair), Les W, Matthew R (minutes), Brian M.

1) Apologies: Jane L, Maxine B, Gareth L, Dan M, Dave H.

2) Matters arising from Annual General Meeting (Tues 21 Jan 2014)

2(a) Vacant Officer Posts

  • Proposal around creating a new Student Liaison position debated. AGREED not to create one (considering it was an AGM matter and the AGM had only recently been held) but instead to encourage participation from local students in FE and HE.
  • AGREED that Sam B and Carrie H would write to Students’ Unions of each college/university and set up a meeting with student leaders.
  • Les W volunteered to help with the duties of Activities Officer so it was AGREED to leave this vacant for now.

2(b) National People’s Assembly Recall Conference (Sat 15 March 2014)

  • A call will be circulated via email to all supporters requesting motions for the conference. Deadline to be Mon 17 Feb in order for motions to be debated and agreed on at next Organising Committee meeting (Tuesday 18 Feb).
  • As a People’s Assembly local group we are entitled to send 10 delegates. A call will be circulated for nominations and the delegates will be elected at our next General Meeting on Sat 1st March, deadline Fri 28th Feb.

2(c) Women’s Assembly Against Austerity (Sat 22nd Feb 2014)

  • We already have one supporter Margaret S who has expressed a wish to attend. In case more women would like to attend it was AGREED to put out a call via email, deadline Mon 17th Feb.

3) Information Point organisation

  • AGREED to proceed with next Information Point event with the following strands:

-Stalls from anti-austerity organisations as before.

(Carrie H, Bryan M, Sam B and Les W to promote to groups in their own                            networks).

-Soap Box (for rants against austerity).

-Anti-austerity wall (to post messages against the cuts).

-Video vox pops.

-Carrie H to organise event.

4) Communications

Stuart R our Comms Officer lead a debate around the committee using the new private discussion forum on the website. There was mixed feeling around this due to varying levels of IT literacy and preferences in the group. No consensus reached and the matter was left open for now.

5) People’s Charter

Carrie H raised a motion for the national PA Recall Conference on The People’s Charter.  AGREED for this to be circulated and brought to the next Org Comm along with any other motions.

6) Reports inc Outreach and Finance report

  • Outreach – no activity yet.
  • Finance – £627.94 balance in our account.
  • A letter will be sent to trade unions asking for a voluntary affiliation donation.

7) Forthcoming activity (inc dates of next Organising Committee and General Meeting)

  • Next Org Comm meetings: Tues 18th Feb and Tues 11 March 6.30pm at Sheffield Hallam University (usual venue).
  • Next General Meeting open to all to be held on Sat 1st March 12-2pm (venue TBC).

8) Affiliation request from Sheffield Left Unity

  • AGREED to welcome Sheffield Left Unity as an affiliated member. Matthew R to confirm to organisation in writing.

9) Any other business

  • Workfare demo on Sat 15 Feb in Fargate, Sheffield opp Boots (part of BFAWU and Unite the Resistance Fast Food Rights campaign).
  • National UCU/Unison/Unite HE strike for fair pay on Thurs 6th Feb. March from Uni of Sheff from 11.30am, rally at Barkers Pool, Sheffield at 12.
  • Public transport cuts of 9.7% including abolition of FreeBee free bus service in Sheffield and Rotherham. Meeting of South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority in Barnsley at 2.30pm on Thurs 6th Feb. Matthew R and Gareth L will be attending.

(Please note: The item ‘Big Society: The Musical’ film sponsorship proposal has been postponed until a future meeting).

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