National Delegate Meeting Manchester 28th February

People’s Assembly Delegate Meeting

Central Hall Manchester

Saturday 28th February


Sam Fairburn introduced the meeting and outlined forthcoming events up to and beyond the general election.

Delegates from different parts of the the country, and original signatories briefly outlined the campaigns and activities they had been involved in.  Some had submitted written reports beforehand.  As usual, this took some time, and not everyone had the opportunity to report, though it reflected the typical activities of anti-austerity campaigners trying to support many different local campaigns, rather similar to our own local activities.

The second part of the meeting discussed the motions and plans for the next 18 months.  All motions and proposals for events were supported unanimously.


The main points are summarised below:


A “People’s Manifesto” booklet has now been produced, at 40p a copy, and will be distributed electonically for local printing.  It is a first attempt at a “positive” message and proposals rather than just “anti-austerity”.  We should certainly make use of this locally.  It is open to comment and suggestions for any second edition.


North Tyneside held hustings which included UKIP, in an attempt to draw in people that we do not usually have contact with.

Sam Fairburn highlighted the People’s Assembly Question Time events which are taking place across the UK in the lead up to the election.  More are planned (there seems to be one of these in Doncaster).  We could offer to put one on in Sheffield.

Action for Rail is planning another event for April 1st


PCS rep said that PCS were supporting People’s Assembly nationally.  Please send in any local events to the national office, who will inform their members locally about these.


Recent improvements to the web site were described, which will soon be put online.  Local groups with their own websites were encouraged to keep them for now, since the Nation Builder subscription needed for improving local group pages and databases were beyond the means of People’s Assembly at present.

Regional training sessions would re-start once the improved system was online.

More stories were needed of local events, and an appeal was made for people who could write articles on issues they had particular interest or experience of.


Summer Festival June


It was important to continue the austerity campaign after the election, whatever the government.  Delegates supported a proposal for a march from the Bank of England to Tower Hamlets, where the Mayor is very supportive, and has offered Mile End Park for a Summer Festival at the end of the march.

Delegates unanimously supported the motion.




A motion from South London PA proposed an autumn  2015 conference on the housing crisis, and a March for Housing in Spring 2016.

Delegates unanimouslhy supported the motion.


For further details of national events and developments go to People’s Assembly

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