Will Sheffield City Council Defend Council Housing?

From Shirley Frost – Defend Council Housing Campaign



the national campaign being waged against the Housing & Planning Bill initiated by Defend Council Housing a tenant- led non party political campaign and that Sheffield needs to stand up and be counted at the national demonstration in London on 13th march


Tell all the tenants, housing workers and councillors the truth that:

The Conservative government’s Housing and Planning Bill 2015 is designed and intended to destroy council housing  for purely ideological and self serving reasons by means of

  • Insecure short term tenancies instead of secure life time tenancies
  • Means tested/market style rents for households with an income of £30,000 plus
  • Forced sales of the council’s high value homes into the private sector with no compensation which tenants have fully paid for through their rents

And that this will

  •   Drain the Housing Revenue Account of monies and services needed to
  • maintain and improve its 40,000 properties to a decent standard
  • Put housing workers jobs at risk
  • Create fear and insecurity now and for the existing 40,000  and future council tenants
  • Break up communities and social cohesion
  • Be to the detriment of large areas of the city
  • Make the waiting list longer


That  the politicians alone cannot stop this Bill becoming law and that extra parliamentary action is needed to stop it  devastating our lives

That tenants have a right to know how they are going to be affected and a right to defend themselves


Giving every possible support to this campaign by following the excellent example set by Camden Council and Nottingham City Homes by

  • Urging the city’s tenants and residents associations to support  the national campaign
  • Making a statement to this effect and canvassing local media e.g Sheffield Star and Radio Sheffield to convey this message

-Organising a high profile public meeting with supportive speakers as a call to action as matter of urgency to  Sheffield tenants that they have a right to defend themselves, their homes, their communities and their future

  • Agreeing  to cross-party support for this campaign until we have defeated this Bill
  • Setting up a joint campaign task group composed of tenants, councillors, housing workers and their trade unions to monitor the passage of the Bill, its aftermath if it is passed and take appropriate action to stop it devasting our tenants, our homes and our communities
  • Liaising with local Housing Associations and their tenants for an inclusive and city wide campaign

Note: Cabinet member for Housing Jayne Dunne said she agreed with everything

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