This seems to be the first event of a promised People’s Assembly debate on Brexit, which hopefully will be repeated across the UK early in 2017

It also coincides with the launch of a similar debate by Momentum.

Since opinion polls seem to suggest that Brexit is the most important issue for people in UK politics at the moment, if socialists don’t make their demands clear, only voices from the right and far-right will be heard




This has been a year full of surprises; the Political landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Brexit has been hugely divisive and has created a dynamic and unpredictable situation.

Our new (un-elected) Prime Minster and her cabinet clearly have no real plan. One thing is for sure, if the last 6 years are anything to go by, if the Tories are left to handle Brexit negotiations on their own we’ll see a deal that suits the bankers, the bosses and the corporations. What should we be demanding from the government that means Brexit is negotiated in the interests of the people? However you voted in the EU referendum, we need to put pressure on the Tories to ensure they don’t use Brexit as a way of increasing attacks on the majority, continuing austerity, whipping up racist divisions in our community and scapegoating immigrants.



Panel includes:

Emily Thornberry MP - Shadow Foreign Secretary, Labour Party
Amelia Womack - Deputy Leader, Green Party
Kevin Courtney - General Secretary, National Union of Teachers
Lindsey German - People’s Assembly
Steve Turner - Assistant General Secretary, UNITE
(more tbc)

Do you have a question for our panel? Submit one when registering for a chance to put it to the event.

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