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Guest Blog: We need unity to defeat austerity

  Unity against austerity is at the heart of the People’s Assembly. It’s about bringing everyone who opposes austerity together and creating something beyond the sum of the parts. That means sharing the experiences of everyone involved in the campaigns and protest groups that have bloomed in response to the Tory-led government’s austerity agenda; sharing […]


Guest Blog: Labour doesn’t listen to Sheffield’s Burngreave residents

The Labour Party and council in Sheffield should be ashamed of the appalling public ward meeting held in Burngreave yesterday evening. It focused mainly on the council’s plan to close libraries in the city, or hand them (and our personal data) to volunteers/local groups or private companies (yes!) such as Carillion plc. The contempt shown […]


Benefit “Reforms”: Is a politician’s idea of fairness is the same as a human’s?

Many people see the nation’s social security budget as a product of ‘left wing’ thinking; it is true that when the Attlee government followed the recommendations of Beveridge and introduced our social security system, part of ‘The Welfare State’, it was designed partly as a safety net to ensure that nobody in society would have […]

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Guest Blog: Anti-racism must be at the heart of the People’s Assembly

We should be under no illusions. The economic and political project of the government is to boost profits for corporate shareholders at the expense of the overall majority of people. In the five years since the start of the crisis, profits have reached record highs, whilst standards of living for ordinary people have taken a […]

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Guest Blog: Should you be imprisoned under a law you didn’t have a chance to vote on?

All too often people have a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of human rights laws and national law, worrying that human rights laws give criminals a free ride at the expense of justice, spurred on by polarising articles in mainstream media. This is a dangerous mistake, failing to consider the wider perspective. Laws are created […]