A nursing student’s reflection on a march

United with 250,000 strangers, brought together by a gripping realisation and disgust at the bleak future of employment, public services, health care and everything else that exists to protect and further human life and society in the UK, I found myself heading from The Bank of England, through the famous streets of our capital towards […]

osborne budget

Budget Day Protest Wednesday


Sheffield Social Care in Crisis

Keeping up the campaign after the election

National Delegate Meeting Manchester 28th February

People’s Assembly Delegate Meeting Central Hall Manchester Saturday 28th February   Sam Fairburn introduced the meeting and outlined forthcoming events up to and beyond the general election. Delegates from different parts of the the country, and original signatories briefly outlined the campaigns and activities they had been involved in.  Some had submitted written reports beforehand.  […]

Britain Needs A Pay Rise

Britain Needs A Pay Rise

Thanks to all those who came along to the TUC-organised demonstration in London on Saturday 18th October. The TUC has produced a time-lapse video:


Delegate Meeting Report – Geoff Turner

Sheffield Peoples Assembly steering committee elected Geoff Turner to attend the national delegate meeting in London on the 13th of September. Heres Geoff’s report: Delegate Meeting London 13/9/14 Chaired by Steve Turner (Unite) About 60 delegates attended. Agenda 1. Reports: local, national, finance, actions completed since 2014 Conference 2. Upcoming national actions Planning future actions […]


Public meeting: The Economic Alternatives to the Austerity Agenda

Wednesday 30th April, 6.30pm, Sheffield Hallam University, Adsetts Building, Room 6619 Speakers include: Mick Burke – Socialist Economic Bulletin Isaac Stovell – Alt. Econ. Think Student Society Rachel Newton – The People’s Charter Supporters of the government’s cuts to welfare budgets and public services often argue that ‘there is no alternative’. However, George Osborne’s recent […]


Tell us how austerity is affecting you

I am trying to get together some short interviews with people about how they have been affected by the Government cuts.  Ideally I would like to speak to people who have been affected in a variety of ways, e.g. think Bedroom Tax, NHS, food banks, unemployment, disability benefit etc. etc.  The interviews may be used […]


Guest Blog: We need unity to defeat austerity

  Unity against austerity is at the heart of the People’s Assembly. It’s about bringing everyone who opposes austerity together and creating something beyond the sum of the parts. That means sharing the experiences of everyone involved in the campaigns and protest groups that have bloomed in response to the Tory-led government’s austerity agenda; sharing […]


Against Austerity, YES. But what do we stand for? The People’s Charter could be the blueprint.

The People’s Charter – a Charter for Change, was set up by trade union leaders, MPs, and leading campaigners in 2008. It is supported by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and many community organisations. The Charter sets out what must be done to get out of this crisis, and puts the interests of people first, […]