Minutes: General Meeting 01.03.2014

Saturday 1 March 2014 – Central United Reformed Church, Sheffield Present: 23 supporters Apologies: Stuart R, Maxine B, Gareth L, and Dan M. 1) Speaker: Mhari L – co-organiser of recent Atos demo in Sheffield on 19 February. Mhari opened the meeting with a talk on the recent demo against Atos and its contract with […]


Minutes: Organising Committee 04/02/2014

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University Present: Carrie H, Stuart R, Sam B (Chair), Les W, Matthew R (minutes), Brian M. 1) Apologies: Jane L, Maxine B, Gareth L, Dan M, Dave H. 2) Matters arising from Annual General Meeting (Tues 21 Jan 2014) 2(a) Vacant Officer Posts Proposal around creating a new Student Liaison position debated. […]


Minutes: Annual General Meeting 21.01.14

Apologies Les W; Gareth L; Maxine B 1. Welcome & round up of our activity to date Sam B gave a brief summary of events – a meeting in Sheffield on 22 May, a get together after the London launch in early July (100 + present), the forming of an interim steering committee; the conference […]


Minutes: steering group meeting 07.01.14

Feedback was given about the day of action in December on Fargate. It was agreed it was a positive day. It was discussed that the PA needs more of a presence there. A stall of its own? Some present thought this was not the right solution and suggested other ideas such as leaflets on other […]


Minutes: steering group meeting 10.12.13

Present: Carrie H, Stuart R, Joe F, Sam B (Chair), Les W, Geoff T, Matthew R (minutes), Gareth L, Jack H. Laura P, Dan M, Oliver C Apologies: Laura J Day of Action (Sat 14 December) Still going ahead on Saturday 1130-1430. Part of national PA Day of Action “Can you afford Christmas?” Joe F […]

Save Our NHS Meeting

Here is a link to the latest article in a series about US health care in the New York Times “Paying Till It Hurts,” . It deals with the amazing costs of ER and how they are set. Previous articles in the series (click the menu button on the right above the photograph) have covered […]


Minutes: steering group meeting 03.12.12

Present: Carrie H, Stuart R, Joe F, Sam B (Chair), Les W, Bryan M, Margaret S, Alice C, Geoff T. Apologies: Matthew R, Laura J, Laura P, Dan M, Apryl W. Italics = agreed actions. 14th December Action First of our monthly Info Points coincides with national PA day of action “How much is Christmas […]


Minutes: Steering group meeting 26.11.13

Present: Matthew R, Shirley F, Paul P, Stuart R, Sam B (Chair), Jane L, Dan M, Apryl W, Jack S, Jack H Apologies: Carrie H, Gareth L, Laura J Italics = agreed actions. Concurrent SCALP and TUC meetings taking place so numbers low. Jack H to seek information from those present at other meetings and feedback. […]


Minutes: Steering group meeting 19.11.13

Chair: Matthew Reeve An alternative peoples budget for Sheffield Proposal from Shirley from the Benefits Justice Campaign to make an alternative budget for Sheffield based on a needs budget, not within the amount central government allocate. The aim being to produce a document with key themes and aims to present to the council and elsewhere. […]


Minutes: Steering group meeting 12.11.13

We need to  re-engage the wider membership base decide / clarify expectations around what ‘we’ are / want from the People’s Assembly re-connect to the national movement get some organisational structure in place around key tasks think about where and when we meet in future – current room can be hard for late comers to […]